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I respect your opinion, but will you respect mine?

"Omg ur a girl u cant disagree with feminism or not be a feminist what kind of idiot are you"


First let me say: I. Respect. Your. Opinion.

I, as a female, dislike feminism. Its not that i think girls should be housewives or manslaves, its how far its taken. I When i say that, ill get people saying “omg you dont know what true feminism is you can go die and be a man slave.” But i do know what it is. You guys want womens rights. You want to be equal politically, socially, and economically. More than half of you just take it too far. Not all, but many.

Now dont get me wrong, im all for equality. But not this. The raging 14 year old girls who hate their parents or have daddy issues. Who say youre wrong if you dont agree with them. Calling men mysogynistic women haters for little things like telling period jokes or some shit. You girls. You know, youre kind of a feministic man-hater. You are exactly the same as the woman-haters you think all men that arent manfeminists are, just flipping around the genders. If a guy holds the door open, hes trying to be nice. Hes not treating you as a weak, inferior girlwoman. Hes being polite. Then if he didnt hold the door open, some of you would probably call him a hater and say he didnt hold it open because he thinks women are inferior and dont deserve the holding of the door. Kind of contradictory. Saying you hate how all (some) men disrespect women. Then you go and disrespect and be hateful towards THEM. Calling bullshit on the NotAllMen hashtag. But really. Not. All. Men. Beat. Their. Wives. Not all men are assholes. Not all men treat you as less. Not all WOMEN are hit. Not all women are mean. Not all women are stupid. Not all women are assholes and bitch and spread rumors. Not all FEMINISTS are crazy. There are good people on all sides, ignored. Id say, just stop. Please. This whole entire thing, this whole internet rage, does not and will not change everything. Think about it this way. You HAVE rights and you CAN vote. Youre NOT slaves. I mean support it sure but stop shoving it down peoples throats and shaming them for not agreeing with you.
Im not even posting this on my main blog because a bunch of my mutuals, whom i respect and like, turned out to be feminists and i dont want to go offending them. People i dont know, yeah i dont care. Be offended. Give me shit. But this is my opinion, just like that is yours.

I respect your opinion, but will you respect mine?

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